High School Racing Association Partners with The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association

MADISON – The High School Racing Association (HSRA) is proud to announce a new supporter for students racing in Wisconsin.

HSRA was started in 2020 as an effort to get young talent into the sport of auto racing and into the motorsports and mechanics industries. The HSRA features high school-aged racers in competition at race tracks – both asphalt and dirt – throughout Wisconsin and Illinois during the summer race season.

HSRA and The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association (WATDA Foundation) have forged a partnership. Included in this partnership, the Foundation will provide beneficial support to the 2024 Wisconsin HSRA State Champion through a $3,000 tuition scholarship and Snap-On Tools.

“We are proud to partner with the HSRA,” said WATDA Vice President Brent Kindred. “Every one of the student drivers is working on his or her own car, getting it ready for the next race. It is through this driven passion the next generation of technicians is born.”

In alignment with the WATDA Foundation mission, scholarship packages are available for Wisconsin seniors who are going to a Wisconsin Technical College and pursuing an automotive, collision or diesel program. The scholarship must be accepted by July 1, 2025 in preparation for the 2025 fall semester.

“I’m extremely excited to be working with the WATDA Foundation and partnering with them to support Wisconsin students,” said HSRA Director Jonathan Eckelberg. “I believe this is just the beginning of a strong and worthy partnership as our missions align significantly. Not only do we love to attract new talent to the sport of auto racing. We want these students to find a passion and interest for automotive and motorsports careers and to help them into that next phase of life.”

Since 1929, the Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association has been dedicated to serving the car and truck dealers’ needs in Wisconsin. WATDA has over 400 dealers united through membership and a collective voice, so that members are able to accomplish a goal that would be impossible or too difficult to achieve alone. The WATDA Foundation was established in 1992 with the purpose of being the educational and charitable arm for Wisconsin dealers. The Foundation’s primary work is to get more technicians into dealerships. The WATDA Foundation has awarded over 2,300 scholarship packages to students pursuing technician careers. Collectively, the WATDA Foundation has invested over $7.5 million in the careers of young technicians!

The HSRA series features American-made, six-cylinder sedans with numerous safety requirements. The driver’s high school colors and/or mascot must be incorporated into the design of the car. Students entering their freshman year of high school, current high school students as well as those just graduating from high school, with a minimum age of 14 and maximum age of 19 are eligible to compete. A complete set of rules and regulations can be found on the official HSRA website at highschoolracing.org.

The group’s goal is to provide young adults with an economical way to enter stock car racing and keep younger generations interested in the sport.

Race tracks, high schools, students or supporters who want to learn more, are encouraged to contact Jonathan Eckelberg, HSRA Director at jon@highschoolracing.org or 608-769-3903.

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